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Base elements

Solutions for horizontal ceilings, sloping ceilings, suspended ceilings. Also possible for mounting on the wall.

Base elements

The mounting base

The area of ceiling fastening is the starting point and at the same time the basis of every fastening. Regardless of the existing ceiling situation or the type of construction of the substructure, we offer you suitable components as individual parts or basic combinations in the dimensioning you require or specified by the load.

Whether with the possibility of height adjustment or as a fixed end - both variants are possible and feasible.

The starting point of a fastening or connecting system is usually a system base. This is fastened to the substrate - usually a wall or ceiling - by means of a (screw) connection and reliably accommodates the other components of the fastening or connection system.

The RopeBase takes over the connecting function between the area of a Suspension system, the SystemBasis and the rope, which will cover the room up to the Suspension object bridged. The rope is usually connected to a SeilBefixationElement - Abbr: SBE - in the RopeBase fastened and offers so Possibility, the further components of the Suspension system secure to be continued. 

Ceiling mounting

Horizontal ceiling
SystemBasis KLASSIK 021-220-1301-1006
SystemBasis CLASSIC
RopeBase KLASSIK 021-210-1301-1002
SystemBasis thread 020-221-1001-1002
SystemBase Thread
Sloping ceiling
SystemBasis DISKUS 021-221-1301-1010
SystemBasis DISKUS
RopeBase GELENK 021-211-1301-1006
RopeBase JOINT
RopeBase CONE 021-211-1001-1001
RopeBase CONE
Basic set Munich 010-550-0818-1015
Basic set Munich
False ceiling
ERS clip for mounting rail 24mm 202-200-0060-1010-01
ERS clip for mounting rail 24mm
ERS clip for mounting rail 15mm 202-200-0060-1023-01
ERS clip for mounting rail 15mm
ERS clip with mounting bracket
RopeBase clamp 030-200-0100-1001-03
RopeBase clamp for mounting rail 24mm  
One for (Almost) Every Case
Universal ceiling fixture
Fastening to stud bolt or by screw
Hanging in hooks
Hanging in hooks
Wrapping around round components, e.g. pipe
Wrapping around round components, e.g. pipe
Mounting on ERS clip for grid ceiling
Attachment to ERS clip for grid ceiling
Individual solutions

Our systems

You need an individual development?

Our experts will be happy to advise you and together find the best solution for your company.

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From development and design to manufacturing and quality assurance, all development and production processes take place at the Lorsch site.