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Rigging system

Fasteners for direct applications in the field of event technology.

Rigging system

Our heavy duty solution

The RopeFix® rigging system for event technology has been developed in consultation with leading industry specialists.

Due to the very high breaking load of the RopeFix® rigging system, significantly higher working loads can be applied than with the common slings used in event technology.

In the field of event technology, the listed working loads (WLL) apply according to the specifications of the DGUV regulations, BGI 810-3.

The products of the rigging system have been developed with a 2-stage patented clamping mechanism. The additional overload indicator signals when the product is overloaded.  

Our patented 2-stage clamping mechanism allows us to achieve the highest breaking loads on the market. From the beginning, safety in this area, where several tons are suspended several times, was an important factor for this product.

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Our rigging system the best heavy duty solution

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Rigging system

Why you benefit from our system solution

Rigging system

Suitable system components for event technology


RopeFix® 80S with truss clamp + SSA
RopeFix® 80S with M20A x 30mm
RopeFix® 80S with M20A x 17mm
RopeFix® 80S with M12I + SSA
RopeFix® 80S with clevis and spring folding pin
RopeFix® 80S with ERS ring
RopeFix® 50S with truss clamp + SSA
RopeFix® 50S with M12I + SSA
RopeFix® 50S with M12A x 20mm
RopeFix® 50S with M12A x 14mm
RopeFix® 50S with clevis and spring folding pin
RopeFix® 50S with ERS ring
RopeFix® 40S with truss clamp + SSA
RopeFix® 40S with M10I + SSA
RopeFix® 40S with M10A x 12mm
RopeFix® 40S with clevis and spring folding pin
RopeFix® 40S with ERS ring
Individual solutions

Our systems

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From development and design to manufacturing and quality assurance, all development and production processes take place at the Lorsch site.

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