LEDFix® system

The LEDFix® system is our (highly conductive) combination for current-carrying mounting technology in SELV / low-voltage applications in accordance with VDE standard DIN EN 61140.

LEDFix® system

Our LEDFix® solution

The LEDFix® system combines mechanical fastening and electrical contacting in the SELV range (low-voltage applications). Similar to purely mechanical cable fastening systems, the LEDFix® system is also divided into the three major sub-areas of ceiling, room and object.

As you have come to expect from ERS products, the LEDFix® system is completely tool-less to install by the end user, with only minor pre-assembly work at the factory.

The cabling with our special HCF power cables ensures almost loss-free energy transmission with simultaneous high mechanical load capacity. The height adjustment is carried out analogously to the purely mechanical cable systems via a 3-ball clamping mechanism, except that this is completely electrically insulated.

Several interfaces between height adjustment/contacting on the luminaire and HCF current cable on the one hand, and HCF current cable with cable base and the SystemBase located in the technical support on the other hand, offer the possibility of optimum separation of the components for packaging and shipping. 

LEDFix® system

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LEDFix system

Our LEDFix® system 1-pole

Learn more about our 1-pole LEDFix® system.

Our LEDFix® system 2-pole

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Our LEDFix® system is UL certified.

LEDFix® system

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