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RopeFix® with straight rope outlet

RopeFix® by ERS, Made in Lorsch combines the highest quality standards for a wide range of uses and applications

Product group

Straight rope outlet

RopeFix® Coburg with slot
RopeFix® Coburg
RopeFix® Frankfurt with slot
RopeFix® Frankfurt 
RopeFix® Hamburg
RopeFix® Hamburg  
RopeFix® Hanover with slot
RopeFix® Hanover
RopeFix® Heidelberg
RopeFix® Heidelberg
RopeFix® Lörrach
RopeFix® Lörrach
RopeFix® Munich
RopeFix® Munich
RopeFix® Stuttgart with 6 wrench flats
RopeFix® Stuttgart
RopeFix® Traunreut with waistband
RopeFix® Traunreut

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Innovative fastening technology "Made in Germany":

From development and design to manufacturing and quality assurance, all development and production processes take place at the Lorsch site.