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Newsletter 03/11/2022

Our AcousticFix® system gets an addition and the 3rd part of our series "Sustainability at ERS".

Our AcousticFix® system gets a new addition

With the development of our new RopeFix® SALVADOR, we have added yet another product to our AcousticFix®-system, specially designed for acoustically effective materials. Thanks to the built-in 180-degree joint, you can suspend any acoustic module from the ceiling regardless of rope position and angle.

The RopeFix® SALVADOR is suitable for any suspension angle

The included tilt lock is used to lock the joint at the desired angle. Due to the wrench flats on the top side, the SALVADOR can be mounted with any commercially available tool attachment. The knurled surface also ensures easy manual assembly. In addition, the plate above the screw ensures that the screw always fits cleanly into the material.

Tool-free assembly, certified and easy to use: Our AcousticFix® series

The 3rd part of our series "Sustainability at ERS".

In the last ERS newsletter, we showed how we use about 99% of the oil we use through internal processes to regain. Today we are dealing with the recovery of chips left over from production.

Recovery through chip filter system

Our in-house chip processing system ensures that the oil-smeared chips left over from the oil recovery process are are extracted and transported through a pipeline system to the corresponding plant. Once there, they undergo a process in which they are separated from the oil and discharged as dry parts.

The raw material is collected after processing and prepared for reuse

The dried chips can thus be collected, sent to returned to our raw material supplier and reused for the next production. The filtered oil is returned to the production cycle and used as a cooling lubricant just as before.

Did you know?
Up to 150 liters of oil can be recovered from 1 ton of chips!

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