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Newsletter 13/07/2022

The AcousticFix

The AcousticFix® system from Europe Systems

Thanks to our specially developed components for acoustically effective materials, we also supply fastening solutions to our customers in the field of acoustic optimization. Whether you suspend sound absorbers, panels or other modules from above or vertically to the wall - we have the suitable fastening for you!


The ERS zinc die-cast screw for fiber composites in application

Through many past and current collaborations with customers from the acoustics industry, we have been able to steadily increase our knowledge. Thus, the application areas have been expanded and various product series have been specifically designed for textile fabrics and acoustically effective materials.

Tool-free installation, certified and easy to use are our screws that you screw into the materials or our wall mounts that allow you to easily hold your individual modules on the wall.

The 2nd part of our series "Sustainability at ERS".

In the last ERS newsletter, we discussed the use of oil as a cooling lubricant for our high-performance lathes. In this one, we continue the topic, and show you how we use around 99% of the oil we use through internal processes. regain.

Oil recovery through cleaning of components

The manufactured components are cleaned in a closed circuit with modified alcohol. In this process, the oil residues and metal chips adhering to the components are flushed away by the alcohol and the parts are thus cleaned. The rinsing solution is filtered (metal chips are separated with it and put into the recycling circuit of our chips) and distilled.

The raw material is collected after processing and prepared for reuse

During distillation, the cleaning agent alcohol is recovered to 100% and the oil remaining in the distillery is reused for lubrication and cooling in the production machines. Only a negligible amount remains as so-called "distillation bottoms" - this is disposed of by an external reprocessing company.

Sustainability applied correctly is therefore not only ecological but also economic and therefore indispensable for us from the very beginning.

Sustainable quality made in Lorsch.

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