LEDFix® system 1-pole

The LEDFix® system is our (highly conductive) combination for current-carrying mounting technology in SELV / low-voltage applications in accordance with VDE standard DIN EN 61140.

LEDFix® system

Our LEDFix® solution

The LEDFix® system combines mechanical fastening and electrical contacting in the SELV range (low-voltage applications). Similar to purely mechanical cable fastening systems, the LEDFix® system is also divided into the three major sub-areas of ceiling, room and object.

As you have come to expect from ERS products, the LEDFix® system is completely tool-less to install by the end user, with only minor pre-assembly work at the factory.

UL certificate

Our LEDFix® system is UL certified.

The cabling with our special HCF power cables ensures almost loss-free energy transmission with simultaneous high mechanical load capacity. The height adjustment is carried out analogously to the purely mechanical cable systems via a 3-ball clamping mechanism, except that this is completely electrically insulated.

Several interfaces between height adjustment/contacting on the luminaire and HCF current cable on the one hand, and HCF current cable with cable base and the SystemBase located in the technical support on the other hand, offer the possibility of optimum separation of the components for packaging and shipping. 


The end user can easily assemble the individual components of the LEDFix® system by screwing the HCF power cable or the cable base into the counterpart on the technical support and then by inserting the HCF power cable into the LEDFix® mechanism and quickly and safely mechanically assemble and align the luminaire in height.

Only in a second step, the user then establishes the electrical contact on our LED Fix® by simply pressing a 'push button' into the housing. Thus, the LEDFix® system is a real PLUG & LIGHT - system. In addition to the convenient height adjustment PLUS contacting with our LEDFix® system, we also offer variants with height adjustment WITHOUT contacting, as well as with fixed rope length.

LEDFix® system

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LEDFix® system



Screw connection of the SystemBasis components in the equipment rack You only need one hole for a threaded screw connection. Establish contact on the supply side using a PushlN terminal (rigid conductor).


Easy screwing of the HCF conductor rope with rope base into the equipment support. When tightening, contact is made between the spring clip in the system base and the ball at the end of the HCF current cable.



HCF power cable and cable base can be supplied loose with the luminaire. No need to "wire" between the luminaire and the technical support already at the factory. The HCF power cable is a mechanically heavy-duty insulated conductor. You do NOT need any SUPPLY to your luminaire.


Simple screwing of HCF current rope with rope base into the technical support. There is no difference in handling compared to the known rope suspension systems and thus no source of error due to incorrect operation.



Pre-assembly of the contacting box already at the factory. The contacting on the luminaire side is made by means of a PushlN terminal (rigid conductor). Due to the possibility of including the LEDFix® loose in the mounting set, the packaging and shipping of your luminaire is significantly less complex, as no components protrude as would be the case with a pre-assembled RopeFix on the luminaire housing.


Simple insertion of the HCF power cable into the LEDFix®, as users know it from the RopFix cable hangers. Afterwards, the LEDFix® with the HCF current cable can be pushed sideways into the contacting box and locks into place independently. The user can now adjust the height of the luminaire in the usual way. In the last step, the contact is made by pressing in a "switch".

LEDFix® system

Tool free assembly


Our LEDFix® system 1-pole the best luminaire solution

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UL certificate

Our LEDFix® system is UL certified.

LEDFix® system

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