LEDFix® system 2-pole

The ERS LEDFix® system 2-pole combines both electrical contacting and mechanical fastening for applications in the SELV range.

What is LEDFix® system?

Our 2-pole LEDFix® solution

The ERS LEDFix® system 2-pole is intended for use for both electrical contacting and mechanical attachment. Due to its slim design, it is not directly recognizable as a cable feed. Rather, there is a system behind it that is multifunctionally designed to meet the requirement profiles of the luminaire industry.

UL certificate

Our LEDFix® system is UL certified.

As usual with ERS products, the LEDFix® system can be installed completely without the use of tools by the end user, with only minor pre-assembly work at the factory. The proprietary development of the ERS HCF power cable has a copper cross-section of at least 0.5mm² per POL. The insulation of the HCF power cable is made of FEP material.

LEDFix® system

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LEDFix® system

Standards, guidelines and technical information

  • LEDFix ® system is a (electrical) part of the luminaire
  • Luminaire must comply with protection class 3
    => SELV according to DIN EN 61140
  • Prerequisite for drivers according to DIN 61558-2-6 with galvanic isolation
  • IP 20 to IP 43, depending on model
  • CE-compliant according to DIN EN IC 60598 Part 1:2022-03
  • European Low Voltage Directive 2014/35 / EU
  • In accordance with the German Product Safety Act, 2021

Technical data for HCF power cable 2-pole

Ø [mm]Ø with FEP [mm]DesignationMinimum copper cross-section [mm²]Resistance in mOhm/mConductivity in relation to IACS*Working load w. LEDFix® [kg]Breaking load HCF w. LEDFix [N]Breaking load HCF rope [N]Breaking load HCF rope with SBE [N]
1,35 + 0,93x2HCF power cable 2-pole1,35mm&0,9mm,FEP umm.2x3mm, 0,5²,on roll0.5 each4080%4200350350
Luminaire LEDFix 2pin - inner sides
LEDFix 2-pole brochure

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UL certificate

Our LEDFix® system is UL certified.

LEDFix® system

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